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Sims4 remove plant from garden if it is alive and can eat and drink (no roots)

I have a new and not well watered Sim, the Sim seems to be missing his first two teeth. I would like to re-introduce his teeth by creating a diet/meal consisting of some carrots and lettuce.

How can I take the Sim out of his garden, move it to my kitchen, remove the vegetables and add the Sim to the garden to eat the carrots and lettuce?


When you add a new sim and then move them around you will find them in a state of hunger. This means they don't have any food stored, if you need food for a sim that has no food, give them a bowl of soup or a sandwich. Sim's can eat if they're hungry, and the new Sim will eat the food they leave behind.


When you take the new sim out of the garden and put it in the "home" room, then there will be a meal on the stove/dinner on the table for them to eat when they get hungry.

If you give the Sim's some lettuce and carrots, they'll start eating. If you give them lettuce and carrots, they'll start on the carrots and if they're still hungry, they'll go back to the table to get more. As for lettuce, the only thing that can make the Sim sick is mold. If there is mold, throw it away and put in more lettuce.

This method of cooking can be a little tedious as it will take a lot of time, but it's a good way of slowly re-introducing a Sim's teeth without causing them any lasting damage.


You can put the new Sim in the bathroom. Here's the bathroom on the Sims 3 Wiki.

A great way to begin re-introducing teeth without causing much damage to the sims is by using the Bathroom. The Bathroom is a very quick way to re-introduce the teeth.

In the Sims 3, this can only be done by using the Build Mode. From the main menu go to Edit Mode and press Edit.

Press Sim and click on Bathrooms.

Press the New tab on the Sim.

Select Bathroom

Put your Sim in the Bathroom

Select the Sim and press the X.

Delete the Sim, select Clean

Leave the Sim in the Bathroom until the Tooth Decay is completely gone.


In the bathroom.

This works, because your sims tend to use their bathroom more often (especially toddlers). Also, the bacteria in the bathroom's water will help clean the teeth.


If you want to skip the whole "dental problem" thing, here's a quick and easy trick:

Bathroom ->, Empty ->, New Object ->, Urination.

Your sim will fill the "bowl" up with water, and they'll have to relieve themselves.

Your sim will flush and the toilet will refill with clean water, and your Sim will be "cleaned".

This does not remove the tooth decay, but it does fix the problem that they don't want to use the bathroom because they are sick.

It does take some time to fully clean your sim, but if you run your sims at night when they are asleep, they won't wake up.

This does not remove any tooth decay or tooth decay problems (the sim will still be sick), but it will keep them from having problems.

Note: To remove the "Sick" status from the sim, find the toilet (the urination object). Select the Sim. Click the Sim. Click on the Toilet. Click on the Remove Sick status.


If you're looking to get the bathroom used by your sims, I found that "Toilet" is more used than "Bathroom". I have yet to find a bathroom to use to clean myself, so I was forced to make a toaster (I just wanted to use the "Toast" verb) and I found that "Toast" is used to clean it.

Try the same trick with your sim.

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